Cellulose Pharmaceutical Powder

Cellulose Pharmaceutical Powder
Cellulose Pharmaceutical Powder
Product Description

 Cellulose Pharmaceutical Powder

With the assistance of dexterous employees, our firm has been able to offer Cellulose Powder. It is processed via chemical treatment of optimum quality pulp following some other special mechanical treatments. Offered powder is widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. We offer this powder to our clients in leakage and moisture free packaging so that its quality can be retained during the transportation. Offered Cellulose Powder is highly acclaimed by our clients owing to its longer shelf life and high purity.

Properties of Cellulose Powder:


Cellulose Powder is prepared from high purity cellulose pulp. It contains extremely little amount of impurities and almost no ash is left after its combustion

Absorbing Property:

Cellulose Powder is negatively charged in water. It can absorb metallic and cationic components from solutions containing such an ionic material

Electric Properties:

Cellulose Powder exhibits very superior electric resistance property even at high humidity conditions as it has less water absorption tendency

Thermal Properties:

Cellulose Powder has very good thermal resistance but starts changing colour at 150 deg. centigrade


Cellulose Powder has certain limitation in moisture absorption. It has very low tendency to absorb moisture. At 65% relative humidity and 20 deg. centigrade it can absorb moisture maximum to 8% of its weight even after prolonged storage for several months at this condition

Affinity for Dyes and Pigments:

Cellulose Powder can be dyed homogeneously in the same manner as the dying of wood pulp, cotton etc. and moreover its affinities for pigments are also strong


Cellulose Powder is insoluble in water and most of the solvents except some special solvents for Cellulose like cuprammoniom

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